Mathallen Oslo

Gift card at Mathallen Oslo

Buy a gift card for someone who loves good food, for someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen or for someone who deserves extra attention in everyday life.

The gift for the foodie

Mathallen Oslos gift card feels good to give, and even more important, it is exciting to receive!

Mathallen Oslo is a place for big and small food experiences. Here you can taste everything from traditional Norwegian dishes to exciting and new international successes.

After a trip to the Mathallen, you get inspiration and lots of good tips on how to prepare food at home.

The Mathallen is located at Vulkan – It feels like "a small town within the the big town" where east meets west between Grünerløkka and St. Hanshaugen. This gift card can also be used at selected shops and restaurants in the Vulkan area.

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